Toon Blast Hack Cheats

Are you looking for working Toon Blast Hack or cheats which will enable you with free unlimited Game Coins?

Well, today we are going to provide Toon Blast hack which will provide your unlimited coins within 3-min of your time. Toon Blast is inspired with Candy Crush game and uses the same strategy to level up the game. What makes Toon Blast Unique is the addition of combos which are little different from Candy Crush, you will be addictive when you play Toon Blast levels after levels.

Let’s drill down on the various methods by which you can get free Unlimited coins and learn some cool Toon Blast Cheats which will help you clear the levels fast.

How to Use Toon Blast Hack Tool

If you are a new visitor to our website, then use this instruction to get free Toon Blast Coins into your game account.

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Toon Blast Hack Features

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Toon Blast Tips and Cheats

Like all other mix and match games, you need to prepare yourself with the moves ahead of the levels you are playing. Do not waste your combos just by clicking on it; use wisely with some other moves to get more out of your combos. So, let’s drill down on Toon Blast tips and tricks which will help you clear your game levels smoothly.

1. Plan your Moves Ahead

One of the most important tips to clear Toon Blast levels is to plan with moves; you need to make small objects and keep executing those plans. You should plan at least 3-moves ahead to know exactly which combo will unearth by executing those moves.

2. Start Clearing from the bottom

Second most important tips for Toon Blast is to start clearing the levels to form the bottom. If you clear the blocks from the bottom, chances are you will get new blocks from the top, and you will better figure out new combos.

3. Know your Combos

Combos are the main level clearer in this game without Toon Blast hack. If you can figure out combos during the early game of the level, then it will be the clear sign that you will clear the level within the stipulated moves. Combos come with a different matching sequence, and you should be familiar with their power and their matching pattern. There are at present 3-types of Combos present in Toon Blast, and we are going to drill down for there special power associated with them.

  • Rocket (Combo of 5 Cube) – if you can match 05 cubes then you will get Rocket icon present on those cubes, you need to tap them to reveal rocket in place of those cubes. Rocket can clear horizontal or vertical lines blocks in the row, depending on the rocket direction inscribed on the block.
  • Bomb (Combo of 7 Cube) – Bomb is the basic combo which can clear 08 surrounding blocks when activated. You can get bomb game item when you match 07 blocks of the same block.
  • Disco Ball (Combo of 9 cubes) – Disco ball is extremely difficult to get in any levels and will clear all blocks of the same color in the Game board. If you are struggling to finish any levels, then you should try to make Disco Ball, which will clear any Toon Blast level with ease.

4. Match different Combos together

There are many advance strategies which top-level players use to clear levels in Toon Blast, in that one of best strategy is to get double combos. Try to get combos of different types and match them to clear any levels with ease. Whenever you get one combo, do not execute them, wait for the next combos and use them combinedly so that you will save one move.

5. Ask a teammate to give extra lives

If you join any team in Toon Blast, you can ask your team-member to donate life to your account. You can use these lives for clearing many levels with the help of your team members.

Toon Blast Game Review

As you all know Toon Blast game is inspired by Candy Crush and being develop on the similar gameplay. You need to mix and match cube and combos to clear the levels and keep saving your lives. Every level will start with certain moves which you need to clear under that to clear the levels. You will be assisted different combos which when match correctly will provide you with new game items such as rockets, bomb or disco ball. These game items will help you clear more than one block of the game. Depending on your skill and adaptability you can progress in the game. With every level, the game will become tough, and at one point in time, you will lose all your lives. But you will be surprised when you will be given new lives after 20min of the gameplay.

Toon Blast in-app Purchase

Toon Blast did not promote annoying ads which keep many players frustrated in other online games. Instead, it harps on selling coin bundle pack which are extremely expensive. Let us check different coin bundle which are presently being sold at Toon Blast in-app purchase store

  • Tiny Coin Pack – Cost around $1.99
  • Super Bundle – Cost around $12.99
  • Toon Bundle – Cost around $6.99
  • Small Coin Pack – Cost around $4.99
  • Tiny Coin Pack – Cost around$0.99
  • Beginner’s Bundle – Cost around $1.99
  • Medium Coin Pack – Cost around $9.99
  • Piggy Bank – Cost around $2.99
  • Mega Bundle – Cost around $24.99
  • Large Coin Pack – Cost around $19.99
  • Giant Bundle – Cost around $49.99
  • Champion’s Bundle – Cost around $99.99

If you are not comfortable enough to buy these coin packs, then you can use our online Toon Blast Hack to get coins for free.


  1. The game is based on mix and match, Candy Crush style
  2. Very addictive game with nostalgic music to complement
  3. Very cute and lovely characters
  4. Safe for children over 4+ age
  5. More than 50,000,000+ download from Google Play
  6. Every week’s new levels are included in the games
  7. Cool cartoon characters – Cooper, Wally, and Bruno to entertain you in your journey
  8. No annoying ads
  9. Log in daily to get Bonus
  10. Extra lives after 20 min


  1. The game becomes extremely competitive as it progresses and then you will need Toon Blast hack.
  2. You need to purchase extra lives and other games items when you progress
  3. In-app game coins are very expensive
  4. If you did not spend real money on buying the coin, you would never be able to clear levels
  5. Many complaints regarding coins not being credited after purchase from the store

Toon Blast Cheats to Get Coins (legit way)

There are many ways to get coins in Toon Blast some of them are given below

  • Getting help from teammate
  • Connecting your Game account with Facebook account
  • Joining a new team (one-time reward)
  • When you open Start Chests
  • When you open Toon Chests
  • Using Coin Cards in Daily login bonus

Final Words

As you know, it is difficult to proceed to advance level in Toon Blast without getting extra Moves and game items. You can get all the game items using the Toon Blast Coins which are the official currency of Toon Blast. If you are looking for free Toon Blast Coins, then you can safely use our “Toon Blast Hack Online Tool” which is designed to give you unlimited coins within 3-min of time.

We hope you will find some help from these coins and proceed in the game without paying real money to purchase Toon Blas Coins.