5 Tricks And Tips Of Toon Blast To Clear Levels

5 Tricks And Tips Of Toon Blast To Clear Levels

Are you looking for working tips and tricks which can be used to clear Toon Blast levels?

Well, today we are giving you 05 Tricks and Tips of Toon Blast to clear levels and race up. All the methods have been checked and verified by players itself, and you only need to implement those to clear all levels of Toon Blast.

Toon Blast Guide

Well, there are many methods by using which you can clear all levels of Toon Blast easily, but we have summaries only the best five working methods which you can use to level up in the game.

  1. Check Moves and Plan 3 steps ahead
  2. Start clearing cube from the Bottom first
  3. Use Combos to Clear your Levels Fast
  4. Know how to clear Balloons, Ducks, and Bubbles
  5. Try to use the Booster when you are struck

05 Tips And Tricks of Toon Blast

So, let’s start our top proven methods to clear levels in Toon Blast game.

1. Check Moves and Plan 3 steps ahead

Toon Blast is the game of mix and match which means in this you need to match game cube of the same color to clear them from the board. Before you jump on clearing the cube, think 3-steps or 3-moves ahead, to make any special combo, if you find that with you present move you can get those combos, then you can proceed with the move.

Always check the moves left in the level, before you plan to go ahead check the moves left and then plan your next cube. Remember to try to make combos which will help you clear any difficulty level in the game.

2. Start clearing cube from the Bottom first

If you really want to excel in Toon Blast game, then you should concentrate on clearing Cube from the bottom first which means you will get new blocks getting from the top. If you start clearing the cube from the bottom, it will also give you enough combination to check out as whole blocks will move down and will give you different combos opportunity.

If you find any combos or matching pattern cube in middle and bottom, then try to clear the bottom cube first. Make this thumb of the rule which will help you clear all the levels with ease.

3. Use Combos to Clear your Levels Fast

Before you start clearing your levels in Toon Blast, you should know what Combos is and how they can help you in clearing your Levels in Toon Blast. Combos are nothing but match cubes with the same color and shape which gives a new game item which has a specific power to clear cubes.

There are 3-combos right now which are present in the Toon Blast which will make your life easier when you apply them

  • Rocket: this is a combination of 05 cubes of the same color and shape. If you are able to match 05 cubes, then this item will appear in place of that cube. You can use Rocket to clear Vertical or Horizontal rows. Rows will be clear depending on the rocket direction shown in the rows.
  • Bomb: this appears when you are able to get a combination of 07 Cube. It will clear 08 surrounding blocks when you break it. This is a great combo to clear any difficult levels as this will give the same impact of the bomb, which will clear everything which comes between its range.
  • Disco Ball: you will get this awesome combo when you match 09 cubes. Disco ball is like an atom bomb and is the most powerful combo on the Toon Blast game. When activated it will clear all the same color blocks from the game Board. You can use this as a last resort to clear your difficult levels.

Mix and Match Different Combos

One of the best advice for all new players on Toon Blast is to use mix and match different combos to squeeze out more out of these powerful combos. You can mix Rocket with Disco ball or Bomb with Disco ball to get more power output then these combos alone. We advise you all to use mix and match combos and get more cube cleared by using them.

4. Know how to clear Balloons, Ducks, and Bubbles

As you will progress in the game, you will find many difficult items introduces in the game like Balloons, Duck, and Bubbles which need certain expertise to clear them all. For all these items you need to clear the bottom-most row of the board to bring all the Balloons and Ducks to collect them.

You need to make combos and clear them in the early games, as these possess challenges later on in the stage. You can even try to clear the board with Disco ball and Bombs combos which are a great help in this stage of the game to clear levels.

5. Try to use the Booster when you are struck

There are many items which are really helpful when you are struck in any levels, do not hesitate to use any booster available in your account. Booster is game items which have some unique powers, and they are a great help in clearing any levels on Toon Blast.

There are four types of Booster present in Toon Blast; they are as follows

  • Hammer
  • Boxing Glove
  • Anvil
  • Dice Boosters

You can get these boosters by spending game money on Toon Chest, Star Chest and by login daily to get Daily Bonus. There are many powers associated with these boosters which you should know before you use them.

  • Hammers: it is used to pops one cube or destroy one Cube of your choice
  • Boxing Glove: Clear one specific rows of cube
  • Anvil: Clear one specific column of the selected cube
  • Dice: It will shuffle all cubes on the board

So, if you are failing any levels several times and losing your precious lives in Toon Blast, use Boosters available in the game and clear your level.

Final words

So, these are the top 05 tips and tricks of Toon Blast which you can try to implement in your game to clear all levels of the game. We advise you to implement all the methods given in this article while you are clearing levels of Toon Blast. 

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