Toon Blast Crosses $200 Million Mark

Toon Blast Crosses $200 Million Mark

Peak Games which was known for bringing out the Hit games like Toy Blast has one more superhit title in its name, and it is Toon Blast. Like Toy Blast which hit $440 Million worldwide revenue in Aug 2018, Toon Blast has also crossed $200 Million marks.

Toon Blast has latest earning in the month of Mar 2019 stood at $358,742 per day with whooping 14,878 installs from Google and iOS platform.

Many third-party sources confirm that Toon Blast was going to hit the $400 mark with 1.5 months as Sensor Tower reported that maximum users are from the USA and second largest users are from the UK itself, which itself explain why Toon Blast get More revenue than other games which has tier3 country traffic.

Ryan Reynolds was deciding Factor

Everyone knows who Ryan Reynolds the superstar from Deadpool is from “Marvel Stories.” When Ryan Reynolds decided to act as a model for a small app, no one takes it seriously, but after the ads floating around the online world, it becomes viral, and suddenly Toon Blast sales saw a boom.

More and more people have started to install the game and start playing the game, with a maximum number of people are going to purchase lives and other game items to clear the levels and share their progress with other online members.

One thing which really gives a decisive lead or factor in the Toon Blast game is the popularity of Ryan Reynolds who not only boosted the sales; it also brings the Toon Blast app to share the fame with another popular app in a short span of time.

Peak Games has done a fabulous job in bringing Dead pool hero into the board which creates miracles in the sales figure. Toon Blast is not an action pack game, but it is a board game which needs mixing and matching of cubes and clearing the levels within the remaining moves.

What is Toon Blast Game?

As you all know Toon Blast game is a board game which needs to mix and match of 3 cubes of the same color to clear them. You will get hundreds of levels with difficulty starts to increase when you start clearing the levels.

To help you clear all those difficult levels you will be given boosters, you can also make combos with different cubes which are great level clearer. Combos are great levels clearer, and Toon Blast has three combos present with them

  • Rocket
  • Bomb
  • Disco Ball

Final words

If you are playing Toon Blast, then you should know that it is the best game which crosses more than 100 million forms Google Play Store alone. After Deadpool hero Ryan Reynolds make an ad with them, this app shows magnificent growth in terms of install and revenue. If you want to check free tips and trick on Toon Blast, then you can check our website to get free lives and special moves which will keep you above the competition. 

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