Toon Blast Unlimited Lives For Free

Toon Blast Unlimited Lives For Free

Are you looking for ways to get Toon Blast Unlimited lives to clear all levels?

Well, here are 05 proven methods which you can use to get free Toon Blast lives without paying them for real money. As you know Toon Blast game is developed by Peak Games and has more than 50,000,000+ install from Google Play Store. Toon Blast game is inspired by Candy Crush and have the same strategy for clearing all the levels.

You can check the details Toon Blast Tips and Tricks here to get the fair idea to level up in the game. Toon Blast in the game of mix and match with the cube and you need to clear the level with the moves left in the puzzle board.

Now the problem arises when you were not able to clear the puzzle board in any levels, as you lose your lives and you need extra lives to progress in the game. To overcome this, we have summarised many proven methods which will give you extra lives when you implement them correctly.

05 Methods to get Free Unlimited Lives in Toon Blast Game

There are many legit and proven method which can be used to get unlimited lives in Toon Blast. So, let’s check for all those methods one by one

  1. Toon Blast online tool to get unlimited lives
  2. Join Team and Get Lives Free
  3. Use Toon Blast Coins to Buy Lives
  4. Play 20 Min Game to get free lives
  5. Open Toon / Star Chest to get free lives

Let us now check all the option present to get free unlimited lives for Toon Blast.

1.Toon Blast online tool to get unlimited lives

We have researched more than 13 online websites which claim to give free Toon Blast lives, but we have failed to receive anything from those websites. we have formulated new AI Script (artificial intelligent) which pops unlimited lives within 3-min of time. We recommend you all to check this awesome Toon Blast Hack tool to get unlimited lives in Toon Blast game.

We also want to clarify on this point that, this is for unlimited lives and not unlimited Toon Blast coins, you cannot get coins using this online tool. This online tool is developed to get unlimited lives only; it cannot provide you with coins, rocket, bomb or disco ball.

A feature of “Online Hack to Get Unlimited Lives Toon Blast.”

  • Free to use
  • All browser supported live Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera
  • Support for iOS, Android mobile
  • Free from any virus or trojan
  • Protection for your IP
  • Gives free unlimited lives
  • 34598009 Lives generated till now

2.Join Team and Get Lives Free

One of the proven option available in the game is the support of your online team. When you reach level 20, team mode will be available for you in the Toon Blast Game. Search for an active team which is full of activity, join them and start chatting with them. Now the team is not only for chatting but also for helping each other, you can ask for free lives from the “Ask Lives” button present in the chat.

As soon as you ask for any lives in the team chat, your team members will fulfill your request and give you extra lives to clear your present levels. You can get 05 free life from your Teammates. Be nice to your team members and keep on donation coins and other items to your team member to receive lives when you need in the game.

3. Use Toon Blast Coins to Buy Lives

You can also purchase lives when you use Toon Blast Coins, which is the official currency of the Toon Blast game. Check in the life packages in the online store of Toon Blast and get lives. You can check out live packages which are the essential part of the game and need to be stocked before you proceed further in the game.

4. Play 30 Min Game to get free lives

If you are carving for free lives and your teammates are not online, then you can play the game for 30 min to get free lives. Toon Blast game has been developed in such a way that it supports long hours of playing. Toon Blast will reward every player with one free Life when you play the game for more than 30 min.

So, keep on playing and keep getting free lives to clear your present level.

5. Open Toon / Star Chest to get free lives

Toon Blast has incorporated Toon Chest and Star Chest which gives free coins, game items, and +5 life rewards. You will get these chests free when you clear every 10 Levels for Toon Chest, and when you collect 20 stars, you will receive Star Chest. Depending on your luck and game difficulty you will receive a bonus in these chests. For extra lives, you can check this chest and open it in a crucial time to avoid progress in the game.

Final words

These are the genuine methods to get Unlimited lives for Toon Blast game. We encourage you all to use all the methods given in the article to get maximum free lives and enjoy your progress in the game.

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